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Clip Anywhere Light


Clip Anywhere Light


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  • Designed in Columbus, Ohio
  • 45 Day Money-Back Guarantee
  • 12 Month Warranty
GIF of the 360-degree rotation of the ball joint on the Clip Anywhere Light.

360 Degree Rotation

GIF showing the Tracer Lamp clipping in and out of the Clip Anywhere Light.

Quickly Snap In/Out for Flashlight Mode

Clip Anywhere Light on a hook and light shining down.

500 Lumens | 2 Modes

2.5 hrs on High (500 lumens)
5 hrs on Low (250 lumens)

Clip Anywhere Light covered in water droplets.

Weather Proof

Rugged and durable

Clip Anywhere Light beam being shown outwards.

Flood beam

100° flood beam, adjustable swivel

Clip Anywhere Light with USB-C cord plugged in.

Rechargeable Usb-C

USB-C charge cord included

3 ways to Secure

Clip Anywhere Light clipped onto a stroller.


Clamp on any surface up to 2″ wide with the specially designed silicone and toothed jaws.

Clip Anywhere Light magnet onto a utility wall.


Utilize the Neodyminium N52 magnet with 6 lbs of hold force.

Clip Anywhere Light hanging on a hook with light shining down.


The clip has a 0.3″ hole in the back to hang on or tie a loop to.

Clip AnywherePerfect For:



Power Outage

Around the House


Car Maintenance



How will I know it is fully charged?

While charging the Lamp, the LED indicator will show a solid red light. The LED will change from solid red to solid green in order to indicate the full charge.

Is this compatible with other Noxgear products?

The lamp also clips into our Tracer2 and Tracer 360 models. Additional products compatible with the lamp are in development.

Technical Specs

OUTPUT:High: 500 Lumens
Low: 250 Lumens
Beam Angle: 100° Flood
Battery:Burn Time: Up to 5 hrs
Burn Time on High: Up to 2.5 hrs
Battery capacity: 3000 mAh
Time to full charge: 3.2 hrs
Charge cable: USB-C (included)
Mobility & Strength:Lamp: IP64 rating (weatherproof)
Ball Joint Rotation: 360°
Magnetic Hold: Up to 6 lbs
Clamp Opening: 75°
Clamp Force: 7 lbs
Clamp Grip: Non-Slip Silicone
Additional Features:+ Clamp, Magnet and Hang Modes
+ Easy-Access, Single Button Control
+ Continuous Swivel Adjustment – 360° Rotation
+ Weight: 195 grams
+ Included: USB-C Charge Cable

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