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Tracer Lamp


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Light your path and boost your visibility with the new Noxgear Tracer Lamp!

A 500 lumen rechargeable LED light that securely attaches to the buckle of any Tracer.

Note: Designed to only attach to the Noxgear Tracer2 or Tracer360 Vest.


  • USB-C Rechargeable
  • (2) Light Modes:
    • High: 500 Lumens (2.5 hour burn)
    • Low: 250 Lumens (5 hour burn)
  • No Bounce
  • Beam: 100° Flood
  • Continuous Swivel Adjustment
  • Easy-Access, Single Button Control
  • Burn Time: 2.5 hours at 500 lumens, 5 hours at 250 lumens
  • Weight: 80 grams
  • Waterproof – IP64
  • Lithium Rechargeable Battery
  • Included: USB-C Charge Cable


How do I use this with my Tracer?

The Tracer Lamp includes a holder that securely clips to the buckle of any Tracer model (Tracer360, Tracer2). The Tracer Lamp can be removed from the holder, while the holder itself stays firmly clipped to the buckle. This makes charging the light or hand-held use simple and quick.

Will the light on the buckle make it difficult to put on or remove my Tracer?

No. The size and location of the Tracer Lamp is such that you still have easy access to the buckle release.

Does the light affect on-coming drivers?

The flood beam and adjustable angle of the Tracer Lamp make it unlikely to affect a driver’s vision.

How long does it take to charge the Tracer Lamp, and how will I know it is fully charged?

While charging the Tracer Lamp, the LED indicator will show a solid red light.  The charge sequence can take up to about 5 hours to complete if it is fully depleted, at which point the LED will change from solid red to solid green in order to indicate the full charge.

Quick & Easy to Attach:

The Tracer Lamp holder clips into the buckle on your Tracer2 and Tracer360 vest or our Universal Clip.

This provides a secure and quick attachment.

Tracer Lamp and buckle for Tracer2 visibility vest.

Tracer Lamp in the Tracer2 buckle being buckled.

Compatible with Tracer2 and Tracer360 Vests

Adjustable and Removable:

The “C” channel holder allows you to adjust the lamp to your perfect angle.

Graphic showing the adjustability of the Tracer Lamp in the clip for Tracer2.

It’s easy to remove the lamp for hand-held use.

Tracer Lamp being clipped into the Tracer2 via the buckle.

500 Lumen Performance:

2.5h burn time with a 500 lumen flood beam.

Tracer Lamp in the dark lit up on a Tracer2 lit up blue.

Front view of the 500 lumen Tracer Lamp on a Tracer2 lit up.

USB-C Rechargeable:

Cable included in box.

USB-C charging cord plugged into the Tracer Lamp.

In the Box:

  • Tracer Lamp
  • Holder with Buckle
  • USB-C Charge Cable

What's in the Box: Tracer Lamp, Clip, and USB-C cord.


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