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Ambassador Program Terms & Conditions

The following Terms & Conditions apply to the participants of our Ambassador Program (the “program”).

Last Updated: May 1, 2022

Limits on Promotion

Regarding your custom URL link or coupon code, ambassadors are NOT permitted to:

  • Post in the comments or any similar location or means on any social media post made by a Noxgear account including paid ads (including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, LinkedIn)
  • Upload, share or otherwise facilitate the inclusion on coupon code or deal sites (including but not limited to Honey, RetailMeNot, DealSpotr, Coupon Follow, Coupon Bird, Knoji, WeThrift, Coupon Chief)

Expectations of Conduct

We view our ambassadors as stewards of Noxgear’s mission and values and evaluate their conduct as if it were our own. As such, we hold an ambassador’s actions, posts, language, representation of Noxgear as well as the manner by which the tools and capabilities of the program are used to an extremely high standard. The following are examples of conduct that will result in immediate and permanent removal from the program:

  • Sending emails that are not CAM-SPAM compliant or contain unacceptable language or imagery
  • Posting to websites with controversial or adult content
  • Engaging in schemes to drive website traffic through any link that is illegal, abusive or deceiving
  • Engaging in public forums of any kind (social media, message boards, comments) in a manner that does not meet our standards of conduct
  • Promoting or otherwise distributing information about Noxgear and our products in a manner that does not meet our standards for conduct, honesty, language and content

It is also important that you make all necessary disclosures when communicating with the public regarding your affiliation with Noxgear and that those disclosures are made in a conspicuous manner.

Right to Remove from Program

Noxgear holds the exclusive right to remove any participant from the program for any reason at any time. We are not required to notify the removed participant or give reason for the removal. Any earnings at the time of removal will be forfeited.

Permission to Use Media

In completing the ambassador profile form you consent to grant permission for Noxgear to make use of the source media files that you willingly provide to Noxgear. Noxgear may request these source media files (images, video) from you while a participant in the program. Source files are provided at the sole discretion of the participant and with the full knowledge and understanding of the permission rights provided to Noxgear per this statement. In fully executing the profile form and by accepting the program terms and conditions you agree to the following:

I hereby grant and authorize Noxgear, LLC the right to take, edit, alter, copy, exhibit, publish, distribute and make use of any and all pictures or video that I provide to Noxgear, LLC to be used in and/or for legally promotional materials including, but not limited to, newsletters, flyers, posters, brochures, advertisements, fundraising letters, annual reports, press kits and submissions to journalists, websites, social networking sites and other print and digital communications, without payment or any other consideration. This authorization extends to all languages, media, formats and markets now known or hereafter devised. This use permission shall continue indefinitely.

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